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About Us

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Joseph D. Perry has a construction background, with experience in carpentry and woodworking. Mr. Perry received an Associates Arts degree from Laney College in woodworking in 1985. He earned his B.A. degree in industrial arts in 1988 from San Francisco State.

Joe's passion is to help people save their lives and homes from earthquake damage. An interest that began after neighbors asked him to reinforce their homes.

He is committed to helping people make their homes safe in the event of any earthquake or similar disaster. You can reach Joe at (800) 736-1989.

Hart Productions, owned by Sharon Hart, has been producing educational videos for the last 12 years. Sharon, who holds a Masters Degree in Media Psychology, has also produced a number of health-related documentary videos and co-produced 25 cable television shows on personal transformation.

Power Point Productions, owned by Danielle Duvall, produces health-related, body, mind and spirit educational videos, documentaries and infomercials for television and retail sale. Power Point has produced the video, "Frankincense and Myrrh" and is currently developing several other projects with Hart Productions.

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